Justin Timberlake Tattoos - Between Music and Faith


Justin Timberlake has several tattoos - most of them are galvanized by his non secular belief. His family handed him down the eagerness for music and also the religion in God. 2 necessary aspects of his life, during which we can find the which means of his tattoos.


Justin Randall Timberlake may be a man of the many talents: Pop singer, songwriter, extraordinary dancer, record producer, actor and much a lot of.


He is not only sensible at making money and songs: former partner of Pop Star Britney Spears, he is currently engaged with no less than super sexy Star Jessica Biel (not to say the flirts with Cameron Diaz or Alyssa Milano).


He was born in Memphis, Tennessee in 1981. He had his TV debut within "The Mickey Mouse Club" show, which included other future high tattooed Stars like Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and JC Chasez (future band-mate in the N Sync).


As already mentioned, Justin Timberlake may be a fervent believer. He was born in the therefore referred to as Bible Belt, an enormous space of the us stretching from Texas to Florida north to the State of Missouri. His grandfather was a Baptist minister and his father a choir director at a Baptist church.


That is why music and religion forever had such necessary influence on Justin mind.


So, most of Justin Timberlake tattoos are galvanized by his non secular belief. Here may be a list of his tattoos:


1 - an enormous cross tattoo covers his left shoulder, symbolizing his religion in Christ;

2 - a second very giant tattoo is placed on Justin Timberlake's back and represents a cherubic angel underneath the inscription "Guardian". This angel carries a banner with Justin's mother's initials however, as way as I may learn, the tattoo is devoted to Timberlake's half-sister, Laura Katherine, who died shortly after her birth. She is also mentioned in his acknowledgments in the album NSYNC as "My Angel in Heaven".

3 - Justin's zodiac sign of "Aquarius" is tattooed around his calf.

4/5 - 2 NSync related tattoo: one is visible on his wrist and also the other one is placed on his ankle.

6 - A Chinese character, that is supposed to mean "Music"


In 2004 massive sensation was caused by some pictures regarding Justin Timberlake completely coated by tattoos. However, they were not real tattoos, simply temporary ones, painted on Justin's body while starring in the movie "Top Dog".


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